The benefits of choosing Aspen as your Builder – What is it that makes us different, and better… (Actual real responses taken from our Homeowners, Vendors and Contractors)

We are organized, more disciplined, and on top of our jobs. This statement alone is why our subcontractors are committed to doing work for Aspen, and that’s important. We don’t just hire anyone to put our homes together. In fact, more than 50% of the trades people that work for us day in and day out, have done business with our family business for almost 30 years!!  Our contractors are an extension of our team, and some of the best in the Industry (shhh… don’t tell the others). Often times they give advice on products we use, and are selective about only using the best materials delivered to the site, because they treat your home like it’s their own.

The fact that we take on ONLY what we can handle means a lot. Look around and you will see, time and time again… basements sitting for weeks, sometime even months, with little to no progress. This costs you money! We’ve heard about builders signing contracts and months go by and those people are still waiting for their home to start. It’s deflating that you do all of that research, choose a builder, and find out they have taken on way more than they can handle. They are short staffed in the office, don’t have enough qualified contractors, and can’t deliver on their promises.  We won’t take on more jobs than we know we can handle, because we want to do a great job on EACH home we build. Simply put, we will give you more attention.

There are many builders that say they have “buying power” and they can give you the better pricing because of the volume of homes they build. They may even offer a lower price or reduced mark up on site improvements. Buyer Beware!  Larger builders have more employees, and much larger overhead! They have the additional cost figured in somewhere, they are not non-profit companies.  Aspen Homes has Contract Integrity.  From day 1 you will be given a proposal that is detailed and explains what is standard and what is extra that we show in the model.  Next, we will assign prices to any changes or modifications we make to your home. We don’t believe in bait and switch, and you will know what your new home is going to cost before you sign a contract.  Once signed, your contract is a fixed price, with the exception of allowanced line items for your site work, and changes you may make during plan review and selections.  We want to be as accurate as we can when we put together your site costs, knowing that those numbers will later be reconciled.  Sometimes allowances go over budget, but often times you will receive a credit, as they will come in less than expected.

We’ve created a niche for ourselves, as a smaller volume, full service builder, but that doesn’t mean our approach is old school.  We have the latest in technology to send our job managers out in the field prepared.  Our building system integrates our contractor schedules with our material orders, contract specifications, and important files, to deliver up-to-date, real-time information, at our finger tips.  Other builders just don’t have this.  We hear all the time about competitors ordering the wrong materials, or sending contractors to jobsites that aren’t ready for them. Our properly managed, online shared platform means fewer chances for error.  We are masters at controlling the chaos, even in the past two years of delays, shortages and Covid issues.

Our smaller, personal approach has left others in the dust.  People like the fact that they are in touch and designing WITH the Builder.  No two homes should be identical, and that’s why we like to personalize each and every home we build, so that your new home reflects your style, your needs, and your desires. Too many builders want to be the biggest, with the most volume, and we just don’t work that way; we want to walk away from every home we build, knowing we did a great job listening to our clients, and creating their vision.

We have a great team!  From the moment you walk through the door, our friendly, knowledgeable and attentive sales staff will help guide you through the building process. You will soon learn that we are about building relationships; not transactions. Once we get started, you will get to know each and every one in our office. Our staff is experienced and works together seamlessly, so you can sleep better at night and just enjoy the process; after all, this is the fun part!  We’ve been told by our homeowners that we made building their home such a great experience; that our job managers and trades people are friendly and knowledgeable, and selections were a breeze because they had an experienced design person to weigh in and help at each step along the way.

Communication is what brings us all together. We are a phone call away, and we answer the phone! At Aspen Homes, our job managers schedule weekly meetings with their homeowners. You will always feel “in the loop” and know exactly what is happening on your project. You are building a customized home.  Little things will come up from time to time; but it’s about how we communicate with our homeowners, and find solutions that make us better than the rest.

Put your trust in us and let Aspen do the work for you! Building a new home is an exciting venture, and we are committed to providing you a positive experience, and a beautiful new home that you can enjoy for years to come!